Here are the most common questions asked by travelers. If you cannot find your answers, please send us your questions via email: We will email you back with your answer, and update it on our website for other travelers.


Q: Is foreign currency used in shops and restaurants?

– The shops and restaurants only accept Mongolian tugriks and you need to exchange the money.


Q: Is it easy to withdraw local currency with ATMs there?

-Yes, you can find ATMs in bank and shopping centers and it has option to choose English


Q: Do I need travel insurance?

-We recommend you to take travel insurance prior to your travel in case of tour cancellation, injury, illness and loss of personal possessions or money.


Q: Can I use credit card?

-You can use credit cards in the larger shopping centers and hotels in Ulaanbaatar. In the countryside, USD and Euros can be exchanged in banks (low rate) and are accepted in some touristic service organizations. It is wise to exchange some money before leaving Ulaanbaatar.


Q: Why traveling to Mongolia is expensive?

-Mongolia is known for its vast and rugged expanses with attractions that are long distance of each other. It takes a village to reach important attraction and require private/shared transportation. Most importantly, lack of public transportation, expensive gas, seasonal service and accommodation are the main factors to make your travel expensive comparing to other Asian countries.


Q: What is the best time to go? 
-The best time to visit Mongolia is during the Mongolian summer, from the mid of June till last week of August.  This is the safest time of the year to travel to Mongolia in terms of weather, sunny days throughout Mongolia and sufficient rainfall to make the steppes lush and green.
June and September are both very pleasant times to visit Mongolia. September, autumn is enjoyable, colorful, not hot, and not cold. Nomads have plenty of dairy products and are busy processing milk and preparing for winter. Beautiful countryside of Mongolia is even more beautiful and picturesque with the autumn colors.


 Months to Best:

July is the best time to see the Mongolia Naadam Festival.

The best season for Gobi Desert tour: from June to September and October is shoulder season.

July to August is the best season to travel to Northern Mongolia and Khuvsgul Lake tour and September is shoulder season.

First of October is chance to see Golden Eagle Festival in Altai, Western Mongolia.

February is the best time to experience Mongolia winter season.


Q: What is tourist Ger camp?

-Tourist Ger camp is traditional style accommodation with full service facilities, most commonly used in outside of the city. The Ger is a round structure of walls, poles and a peaked roof covered with canvas and felt, and tightened with ropes.
Tourist Ger camp – has consists with 20-30 Gers (Mongolian traditional dwelling), restaurant, and some entertainment facilities, western style toilet and hot water showers. Each Ger has 2 to 4 beds and furnished with a table, chairs and wood-stove. Most visitors prefer to stay in Ger, which provide an authentic taste of Mongolian culture and adventure, their most enjoyable experience in Mongolia.


Q: Will you provide vegetarian (including no chicken / seafood) meals.

-We can make the arrangement according to your requirements. So if you have any special requirements on your food, please let us know so that we can inform the restaurants beforehand to meet your needs.


Q: What are the appropriate clothes for travel in Mongolia?
-Mongolia is a vast country with various climates and four distinct seasons. Thus traveler may need to pack different clothes at different seasons. But weather patterns at any time can change rapidly. One minute you’re walking around in a T-shirt and sandals, next you need an overcoat and boots, then its back to T-shirts. This is especially the case during autumn and spring.
We suggest you check the climate of your travel season, month and then choose the appropriate clothes. In most cases you will not need to bring towels as you will be provided in the hotels and tourist Ger camps. In general, you should take the easily dry clothes and prepare the umbrella for a rainy day. In addition, we suggest you also bring along a first aid kit with the common used medicines.


Q: Do I need to bring a power plug adapter when I come to Mongolia?

-We recommend you bring a converter to Mongolia. As throughout Mongolia, the AC power standard is 220V/50Hz. So you may use the converter for 110-volt electrical appliance. Usually the four and five star hotels provide adapters, but we still suggest you bring a converter.


Q: What should I pack?

-This of course depends on the type of trip you are taking, its length and the time of year. We recommend traveling as light as possible. The luggage limit on domestic flight is 15 kg, with a 2-3$ per kg surcharge depending on your destination. You can leave any items which are unnecessary for the countryside trip at the hotel. Some hotels charge for baggage storage, some not.


               List of packing:

  • Necessary documents (passport, visa etc)
  • Light clothes suited to hot conditions and a raincoat/water proof jacket
  • Warm clothes and a hat in the cold season. Note that towards the end of the summer, it may be warm during the day and cold in the evenings.
  • Walking shoes
  • Small backpack
  • Better to pack in portable bag rather than hard suitcase
  • Personal medicine and some remedy against common pain
  • Torch, alarm clock, pocketknife
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat, lip balm
  • Wet tissues, hand sanitizer
  • Biodegradable soap, mosquito spray, ear plugs, helmet (if horse riding) and a sleeping bag (depending on the type of trip)
  • Small gifts e.g. for the children of nomad families in exchange for their hospitality (if you will not mind). Something handy, but not expensive.


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