Major Tourist Attractions

and Destinantions

The attractions and activities for tourists in Mongolia relate to the natural environment, historic features and cultural heritage.

Mongolia has diverse and distinctive vegetation and fauna including some rare species such as the Argali Sheep, Przhevalsky Horse, Asiatic wild ass, wild Bacterian camels, snow leopard and ibex. The remains of dinosaurs have been found in the Gobi desert.

The  historic  heritage  of  Mongolia is mainly  related to  Chinggis  Khaan,  the warrior-statesman, who,  in the  13th  century,  united the Mongolian people  into a  strong  nation  that  controlled   much  of  Asia.

The  traditional  nomadic  way  of  life,  based  on  livestock  raising  and  living  in  traditional  gers,  is  of  great  interest  to  overseas  tourists. 

The  two  major  public  holidays are  the  Naadam,  a  traditional festival  celebrated each  summer  and  displays  three  types  of  traditional  games;  horse  racing,  wrestling  and  archery,  and  the  Tsagaan  Sar,  the  Mongolian  Lunar  New  Year,  which  marks  the  end  of  winter  and  the  beginning  of  spring.  These  two  festivals  are  the  most  visited  events  by  tourists  and  something  that  shouldn’t  be  missed.